Trade Show Exhibitor Resources

Trade show exhibitor tools

Ever want to go to a trade show but don't know if you have the right funds? This useful blog gives you 15 free trade show resources that will help you have a better show. Trade shows can be a hit or miss but that should not be a reason for small businesses and startups to ignore them entirely. They can be a great place to meet new clients and grow your brand.


A strategy is to create brand awareness. Don't go for an all or nothing deal with a corporation or expect to win some kind of lottery. Trade shows are all about networking and building your brand.


The planning that goes into trade shows can be exhausting and expensive. We want to give you some tools in the form of free resources to keep your costs low. You can still create a high impact booth without breaking the bank.


Budgeting and Planning

This is a good tool for finding the best trade shows to attend. Don't try to Google every single show because hundreds happen every day. This website allows you to search by industry or location, crowd size, and dates. This is a wonderful trade show resource that even provides a portfolio of booth designs.

This website provides the ultimate exhibitor checklist which can definitely be useful in planning for a trade show. This list breaks down what you should prepare for in different sections, helping you get your booth under control. There are even blank spaces for you to create your own sections if desired.

Sometimes the best method of choosing an event to attend is by seeing what is the most popular. This website ranks trade shows to help you find the best one to attend.

A free project management tool that also has an app available for both IOS and Android. Assign daily tasks to your trade show team with deadlines and handy scheduling tools like calendars and lists. There is a lot you can do with even just the free version, which is why we recommend it for exhibitors looking to save.

Whatsapp can help your team stay in touch come event day. It is a great free communication app that allows you to video call, phone call, send audio memos, share images and create several groups.


Event Marketing

Canva provides useful marketing media templates such as business cards, flyers, and social media banners. The layouts they provide are eye-catching and perfect for companies who do not have a fortune to spend on graphic designers. This resource offers a lot of free templates and fonts which can help you spread your event details to your followers.

This website provides a free strategy worksheet to help you understand and create event goals. Outline your situation and come up with a goal for your trade show. Analyzing your results will help you see if your strategy paid off.


9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events - Eventbrite US Blog

Social media marketing can get confusing to understand but it goes hand in hand with event marketing. This link provides useful tips on how you can make the most of social media. Learn all about social media optimization, engagement and see how it affects your event strategy.

These free digital invitations are helpful in spreading the word that you will be attending an event. It is always a good idea to let your subscribers know about your event.


8 Free Budget Planner Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend!

Helpful for small business owners and startups to create and stick to a budget. Planning your budget is one of the most crucial steps for trade show planning. Use this trade show resource to easily plan and track your spending.

This list provides websites that offer free stock photos. Stock photos are definitely useful for small trade show budgets because they can be used for your marketing endeavors.

Every booth needs a way to keep clients engaged. One of the most proven ways is to host games and activities. This is one of our favorite free trade show resources as it provides several ideas that are simple and easy to implement to any booth.

Following up on a lead is perhaps the most important step to an event. This is the most crucial step that can help you land your clients. Hubspot provides a free email template to help you with trying to secure the lead after your trade show event.

Twitter is one of the best ways to get people interested and spread the word about your event. This site helps you create a live tweet wall and makes your booth interactive. Gain attention by displaying this livetweet wall and make your booth attendees compete or tweet your event hashtag for prizes.

An article that helps guide you through the booth design do's and don'ts. Sometimes the easiest way of finding out the right way to create a booth is knowing what to avoid.

Custom Table Throws - Good for your Booth




Trade Show Tips and Advice

A custom table throw can be one of the most important trade show booth items.They are affordable, easy to carry around and best of all, they create brand awareness.

Traditional advertising techniques like magazine printing stands and commercials in any franchisor seeking to invest amounts of money will have to be optimistic that it is a worthwhile investment and franchise displays involve substantial financial investment.


What's the income generated by the sale of a single, a couple of franchises in the conclusion of a successful occasion versus the price of attending the event, including not only the stand itself associated travel and expenditures, staffing, promotion literature, and promotional materials?

When the figures stack up may make the event rewarding. And the fourth suggestion, whether attending as prospective franchisee a franchisor exhibitor or a visitor?

Trade shows provide an alternate kind of franchisee recruiting opportunities. Trade shows will bring in people with a particular interest or affinity to this industry -- believe the World Dog Expo for puppy lovers who'd really like to start a franchise company inspired by the puppy in their lifetime, the Childcare Expo which brings early education providers that may only be looking for a change of management, or even the Fit Expo for fitness fans looking for a business opportunity that enables them to create an income out of their fire.


These kinds of events allow franchisors and people to fulfill who may not realize till they encounter a single in this 30, they're trying to find a franchise opportunity. For my franchise manufacturer, at the children's action business and targeted in the"parentpreneur" marketplace, a commerce or audience-specific exhibition experience is considerably more likely to bring my Ideal Franchisee Persona compared to a conventional franchise expo. Also the cost in the event the display causes a franchise sale, of exhibiting in an event such as this versus the return on investment makes it a much more appealing choice.

Custom made table banners in events like conferences, job fairs, trade shows, and much more, first impressions are critical, and using an eye-popping demonstration may be the difference between an extremely successful event and a day spent seeing people walk past your booth.


Place your brand apart from the competition with a custom printed tablecloth or table cover with your business logo or images that catch the attention of your prospective customers. Our trade show tablecloths offer you a selection of superior, trade series market fabrics or knit polyester offering free colour throughout printing. To start, select your

Custom Table Throw - 6ft Open

or dimensions to fit your requirements.


When attending an expo it is crucial to make certain your brand stands out in what's very likely to be a hallway where visitors are bombarded in right, left and centre. In addition to taking the time to organize your space's design and advertising and marketing materials to follow it, inviting franchisees a role in the event will help bring your franchise chance.

Possessing a plan for handling individuals approaching your stance throughout the event a strategy for boosting your presence in the event from the lead-up, and a procedure for follow.

Whatever kind of reveal or expo you opt to display at, it is the contact chances that occasions provide that has to be the reason exhibitions continue to be recorded as a way of generating prospects for franchisors.


People who've read a number of my other posts will understand that I'm a firm believer that you can not beat the personal touch along with placing your face facing your company once it comes to promoting your brand, your franchise division for a franchisee, or your own franchise chances as a franchisor. That is why I continue to adore events and exhibitions for spreading the word about our new, and fulfilling with franchisees.